Preston Bores


 Preston has had a passion for racing ever since he could walk.  The window-sill provided his track with hot wheels and outside was a place to be pushed around on the backyard go-kart.  The passion continued into Go-kart Racing, Pro-Mod Trucks, and now Preston is taking on the competition in a Pro Late Model Stock Car.

Preston started racing go-karts in 2006 at the age of 8 after a trip to the track with his dad. Watching the race, he knew this was what he wanted to be a part of.  He had a first place finish by his 7th start.  His determination continued through the season with four more wins.  The competitors were tough, but Preston finished his first season with some success.  He won his first ever championship in the Burris Ohio Nationals Series and also ended the season with a second place championship in the Burris Northern National Racing Series.

The determination and rigorous schedule, racing some weekends on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, allowed him to rack up over 25 wins. This set a course for Preston to be the recipient of two points championships in 2007 at Great Lakes Speedsports and Sandusky Motorsports Park.  He was also honored to receive the 2007 Burris Ohio Nationals Series Points Championship trophy.  This championship was a special one, because this meant he was a back to back champion of this award.

From there, in 2008, Preston and his family moved to Tennessee and the go-kart racing continued against fierce competitors at Dumplin Valley Raceway in Kodak, TN near Knoxville.  The efforts awarded him with many top 5 finishes and multiple Fast-time Awards.  From there, he took on the O’Reilly’s Indoor Kart Nationals and had a 4th place finish among some of the most talented drivers in the country.  He continued racing karts throught the Southeast at places like Possum Kingdom in South Carolina and Dawgwood Speedway in Georgia.

Close to home is where the 2012 season would be a great advancement to the Pro-4 Modified Trucks.  At the Fairgrounds Speedway in Nashville, the season began with a 3rd place finish in his first ever race behind the wheel of a 2,400 lb. Pro-Truck. The season continued with strong top 3 and 5 finishes.

By 2013, Preston was ready for another season in the Pro-Truck.  The Highland Rim Speedway would prove to be one track he would take to like a veteran racer. It made Preston very proud scoring numerous top 3 and top 5 finishes. With continuous dedication, hard driving in every race, it all paid off.  Preston became Highland Rim Speedway’s 2013 Pro-4 Modified Champion.

The intense racing of the trucks wasn’t enough for this Champion.  In 2014, a new season would begin in the highly anticipated Pro-Late Model Stock Car division at Highland Rim Speedway.  The first race was exciting and intense with a 4th place finish.  His second race ended with a 2nd place leaving the crowd in the stands and his track competitors in awe of this talented young  man.  The season’s success would end up with 10 top10, finishes, with 3 being top 5’s and the 2nd place finish.  The average number of drivers starting in the field of every race was right around 16.  Preston would finish the season with a statement, finishing 4th place in the points. His whole team couldn’t have been more pleased with the 4th place point championship achievement.  Preston has shown great pride and humbleness as he was honored with Highland Rim Speedway’s  2014 Pro Late Model Rookie of the Year award.

The start of the 2015 racing season at Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville was met with excitement.  Preston raced with champions and legends of Nascar all the while trying to stay humble and respectful.  He would finish the season with five top tens with one being a top five (4th place) finish.  His debut at the 2015 All American 400 would prove to be tougher than expected.  Preston qualified 31st and was forced to race in the last chance qualifier race.  He would come out with a second place finish and start in the 31st Annual All 400. Preston started in the 30th position and after 300 laps and scathing by numerous wrecks, he would finish 11th. He would go on to finish out the remaining race at and go on to be Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville’s 2016

Rookie of the Year!

The 2015 season ended another chapter in Preston’s life, he  graduated from Hendersonville High School. Preston went on to attend UNOH in Dayton, OH.  A great school, He made the decision to continue his passion in the sport that he loves.

Preston would pick up where he left off for the 2016 season.  By competing in the Pro-Late Model Division points chase at the Fairgrounds Speedway in Nashville. This season would show everyone that Preston is the real deal.  He would finish the season with two top three finishes (2nd and 3rd place) with a total of 5 top 10’s.  He would be voted most improved driver for 2016.  Also included was the prestigious All American 400 at Nashville Fairgrounds where he started 23rd and finished 14th.  The Snowflake 100 at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, FL. will be the final time in 2016 Preston will take to the track.  Preston’s future goal is to continue racing and make it to the top ranks of NASCAR.



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