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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – CHARLOTTE, N.C. – (July 9, 2021) – Mamba Smith wants to give back to the racing community and will do so by launching the Mamba Media Adopt a Driver program.

The Mamba Media Adopt a Driver program has partnered with Simpson to award deserving racers with custom firesuits that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford.

“I got the idea after Shun ‘Oreo’ Thomas reached out to me after seeing the suit that I got from Elliott’s & Fatheadz last year for the Snowflake 100 in Pensacola,” Smith explained. “He has never had a suit built for him and I know how much it meant to me to have that.

“Since he was the inspiration for the program, Oreo will be the first firesuit recipient and we’ll announce two more in the months ahead.”

In addition, McCallister Precision Marketing has joined the cause and will also award custom gloves from K1 Race Gear to help sweeten the pot.

“When Mamba came to us with this idea, we were immediately interested in helping however we could,” said McCallister Precision Marketing’s Tonya McCallister. “With Mamba handling the firesuit, it made perfect sense for us to help by adding in a pair of custom gloves.”

The Adopt a Driver program stems from Smith’s own adoption journey. His parents instilled confidence in him in many ways, one of which was having the same quality equipment as everyone else.

Smith is now able to give that same confidence back to local racers that have sacrificed and have a passion for racing that burns as hot or hotter than Smith’s own passion.
In order to be considered for the Mamba Media Adopt a Driver program, racers will need to post a 45 second or longer video on Twitter with the following information:

– Who they are.
– What series they race in.
– Where their passion for racing came from.
– Why do they still do it.

When posting the video to Twitter, the entrant must tag @MambaMediaNet and @MPMMarketing and use the hashtag #AdoptADriver in the post. Nominations can come from anyone, but the nominated driver must post a video in order to be considered.

“We will narrow the submissions down to six in the next few months, three from the north and three from the south,” Smith explained. “Each will be profiled on one of our two partner podcasts, the Black Flagged Podcast or the Windshield Deep Podcast. We will then select two winners, which we will announce live on Speed51’s The Bullring program.”

Each suit will feature Mamba Media on the front and MPM Marketing on the upper chest.

For additional information regarding the Mamba Media Adopt A Driver program, send a direct message to the Mamba Media or MPM Marketing Twitter accounts.