COLUMBIA, S.C. – (Aug. 5, 2021) – McCallister Precision Marketing’s Tonya McCallister wants to make sure children are ready for the new school year by launching the MPM Marketing Backpack Giveaway.

The MPM Marketing Backpack Giveaway will offer up to 24 free backpacks filled with school supplies to families and children in need. Those needing backpacks and supplies are encouraged to contact Tonya McCallister at or by sending a message to the MPM Marketing Facebook page.

Should the program gain additional support, McCallister would be able to expand it to include more than 24 free backpacks.

“Every child deserves to show up to school prepared. If you or someone you know is struggling with buying their child school supplies, please reach out to us,” McCallister said. “No judgement and no questions asked. We want to help some kids start the school off with confidence. We believe the more prepared you are the better you will perform.”

As a former school board member, McCallister knows just how important it is for students to be prepared when they enter the classroom. That’s why she feels so strongly about the MPM Marketing Backpack Giveaway.

McCallister Precision Marketing strives to make sure their clients are prepared on and off the race track. It just makes sense for McCallister to offer the same thing to children in need.

“First impressions are everything. Kids want to fit in and if we can help with a small part of that, we want to,” McCallister said. “Sometimes we all take things for granted and something as simple as a backpack and school supplies can give a child the much needed confidence to succeed.

“Children are our future and no matter what their financial situation is they need the tools to succeed.”