Cutting edge design and the never-ending mission of building faster, stronger wheels drives the in-house research and development team at Bassett Racing Wheel. We service the most demanding stock car drivers in the world, and whether it be a dirt short track beadlock wheel or 200 mph super speedway wheel, you can count on Bassett wheels to be the best.

Our exhaustive in-house R & D takes advantage of Bassett Racing Wheel’s exclusive Cornering Fatigue Testing Apparatus (pictured at left) to improve wheel design without sacrificing strength. For instance, the Bassett 15 x 8 and 15 x 10 spun wheels are the lightest and strongest on the market. We are also the only racing wheel company currently doing inertia research. Utilizing our exclusive Inertia Testing Apparatus, Bassett engineers have created Inertia Advantage designs in the 15 x 8 IMCA/WISSOTA, 15 x 9.5 NASCAR, 13 x 7 and 15 x 10 spun wheels.

Of course, in-house R & D must be backed by on-track, real world testing. Bassett Racing Wheel testers include some of the best drivers in dirt and pavement racing. Test driver and pit crew feedback is critical and helps refine new wheels before production commences and make rolling changes to existing products.

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