MPM is happy to announce that Quarter Master has become an official sponsor and are the official drivetrain of MPM.


Founded by Ed Stoffels in 1958, Quarter Master® began its life as a quarter mile drag race chassis manufacturing company (thus the name Quarter Master®). During the formative years, Stoffels, who is a racer and machinist, went beyond chassis building and was among the first to bring multi-plate style clutches to the U.S. for use in race cars. Multi-plate clutches were great solutions for racers; however their availability to the U.S. market was extremely limited.

Because of the scarcity and high demand of the European clutch, Stoffels saw an opening and seized the opportunity of producing the multi-plate style clutches on his own in the early 1970s. In the ensuing years Quarter Master® rapidly became the major player of the design and manufacturing of racing clutches, concentrating on the Circle Track market. By 1976 the company had evolved into a full manufacturing and service company and was recognized as the industry leader of clutch and clutch component manufacturing.

In addition, its clutch manufacturing the company expanded into the production of other Circle Track racing driveline products such as quick change gears for midget and stock cars, flywheels, and many other clutch related mechanisms. In 2003 Quarter Master® launched its industry leading “Optimum” clutch line and in 2005 it introduced its clutchless line.  The company was successfully positioned as the industry leader in circle track driveline component manufacturing.