Racing Radios was conceived in 1974 when the Competition Director for NASCAR approached Diversified Electronics for assistance with racing radio communications problems. Diversified Electronics was successful in correcting the problems and, when word spread, became a source for several racing teams. As a result Diversified Electronics began to manufacture accessories for two-way radios using Motorola equipment and designed to enhance the quality of racing communications. In 1979 Racing Radios was formed as a division of Diversified Electronics and ten years later Racing Radios was incorporated. Today, Racing Radios is the official two way supplier for NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, NASCAR Nationwide Series, NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, and the International Motor Sports Association (IMSA).  Racing Radios has locations in both Georgia and North Carolina.

Racing Radios is based in Atlanta GA with offices in Atlanta and Mooresville, NC. We are at over 150 races per year providing in paddock support for teams and drivers.  We are not affiliated with any company or corporation that uses the Racing Radios name outside the USA.  We are the original and we have been providing superior products for the racing community for over 30 years.  Racing Radios is the leading developer for two-way communications in the racing industry.  Our products are constantly copied, reproduced and duplicated, but they do not even come close to our quality.  Racing Radios is the leader in racing communications worldwide.
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