FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Indianapolis, In. (Apr. 14, 2022) – The 2022 season will be one dominated by change for Sam Hinds.

Although his experience primarily stems from racing on asphalt, Hinds is primarily transitioning into dirt track competition as he embarks on a busy season with the Midwest Mini Sprint Association starting with Saturday’s Spring Thaw at Brownstown Speedway.

Hinds is not sure what to expect from his venture into the MMSA but admitted the unknowns are only adding to the anticipation towards getting behind the wheel and further developing his skills as a driver.

“I’m very excited about this,” Hinds said. “From what I’ve heard people who have raced in the series say, the horsepower is a lot more than what people think it is, so I’m really looking forward to getting on the loud pedal.”

An increase in speed is not the only difference Hinds will experience on Saturday evening.

The cars that Hinds and his fellow competitors will be piloting in MMSA are full-sized midgets like those used in USAC. Some distinctions between the two include most MMSA events mandating a wing, along with the series’ cars having engines that are taken from sport bikes.

Hinds believes that switching over to dirt racing with MMSA will be a much-needed change of pace following a season in the USSA Mel Kenyon Midget Series that was marred by one unfortunate race after another.

Being able to race on dirt in the second half of the season was a highlight for Hinds. He thoroughly enjoyed the unpredictable but exhilarating nature of dirt track racing and hopes the experience he gained from his limited starts in 2021 carries over to MMSA this year.

“Dirt racing has a bit of a learning curve,” Hinds said. “With asphalt, you stick to one line that is the fastest around the track. Racing in dirt comes down to the conditions of the track. You can have speed on the inside, then five laps later the fastest line could be in the middle.”

With the MMSA being a local division for him and some of his best on-track performances taking place on dirt in 2021, Hinds saw the series as an ideal opportunity to have fun and showcase his talents so he could eventually move up the developmental ladder.

Hinds is cautiously optimistic that he will be a regular contender for wins in MMSA but said that will not be possible unless he is patient and dedicated to understanding every aspect on how to make his cars perform.

“As a racer, I want to be winning,” Hinds said. “The biggest goal is winning, but as a newcomer who is still getting use to racing on dirt and with a wing, I’m just focusing on learning, studying the car and getting track time.”

Following the Spring Thaw, Hinds will stay active with MMSA as he participates in back-to-back races at Tri-State Speedway on Apr. 23 and Apr. 30.

Hinds would like to thank his family for all their support along with MPM Marketing, Hoosier Speed and his sponsors in Eye Sky Video & Photography and LTH Financial Services.